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Here you will find descriptions and news of AFCI Nationals in Ministry on six continents, covering 23 nations. Each national team has its own ministry focus, but all of us are committed to the vision of AFCI, which is "Teams of Nationals accelerating the spread of the Gospel through local churches worldwide."


Under one banner, we believe that the mission of the church is truly international and that leadership for world missions should be a cooperative effort involving input from many nations, not just one nation taking their ideas to the world.


As we work to train up leaders for the church all around the world, join us in praying for God to use AFCI in empowering His church to reach more people.

AFCI was founded on the belief that Nationals in Ministry (Christian nationals living and working in their own countries) provide the best foundation for the church to thrive and grow. The first ministry team was formed in Australia over 60 years ago. There are now teams of nationals in 23 nations, working with local churches in their own countries to accelerate the spread of the Gospel.